Chapter 9 Study Questions

  1. Many observational studies have documented positive relationships between richness of native and invasive species across sites. Is this evidence that the biotic resistance hypothesis is incorrect? What are some alternative explanations for this pattern? What are the implications of such positive relationships for conservation of communities affected by invasive species?
  2. If you worked for a government agency or conservation organization responsible for managing invasive species, how would you allocate money and effort to the goals of preventing new invasions, controlling existing invaders, and conducting scientific research? What guidelines would you use to set priorities for multiple invasive species? What kinds of scientific information would be most useful to you in making these decisions?
  3. Discuss the pros and cons of a “dirty list” versus “clean list” approach to regulating the introduction or transfer of nonnative organisms.
  4. Is it ever desirable to introduce nonnative species to achieve particular conservation goals (e.g., biological control, erosion control, replacement of ecological functions of declining native species)? Likewise, is it ever desirable from a conservation standpoint to preserve established populations of nonnative organisms?