Chapter 1 Suggested Readings

Norse, E. A. and L. B. Crowder (eds.). 2005. Marine Conservation Biology: The Science of Maintaining the Sea’s Biodiversity. Island Press, Washington, D.C.
An exciting new text that introduces the complexity of conservation in the marine realm.

Borgerhoff Mulder, M. and P. Coppolillo. 2005. Conservation: Linking Ecology, Economics and Culture. Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ.
One of the most integrative texts linking social, economic and ecological perspectives to aid conservation practice.

Caughley, G. and A. Gunn. 1996. Conservation Biology in Theory and Practice. Blackwell Science, Malden, MA.
A classic text that emphasizes the importance of sound study design in conservation. Includes numerous case studies, particularly from Australia and New Zealand.

Hunter, M. L., Jr. 2001. Fundamentals of Conservation Biology, 2nd Edition. Blackwell Science, Malden, MA.
A strong conservation text that emphasizes applications in wildlife management.

Primack, R. B. 2002. Essentials of Conservation Biology, 3rd Edition. Sinauer Associates, Inc., Sunderland, MA.
A highly accessible, integrative look at the field of conservation biology.

Pullin, A. S. S. 2002. Conservation Biology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Another useful introductory text in conservation.

Soulé, M. E. (ed.). 1986. Conservation Biology: The Science of Scarcity and Diversity. Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA.
Now a classic, this book contains 25 chapters written by scientists who helped define modern conservation biology.

Several textbooks emphasize conservation methods, including:

Donovan, T. M. and C. W. Welden. 2001. Spreadsheet Exercises in Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology. Sinauer Associates, Inc., Sunderland, MA.
Accessible, Excel-based exercises in conservation.

Feinsinger, P. 2001. Designing Field Studies for Biological Conservation. Island Press, Washington, D.C.
Clear explanation of field methods and scientific inquiry applied to conservation issues.

Gibbs, J. P., M. L. Hunter, and E. J. Sterling. 1998. Problem-Solving in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management: Exercises for Class, Field, and Laboratory. Blackwell Science, Oxford UK.
A diversity of exercises spanning a wide range of conservation issues.

Sutherland, W. J. 2000. The Conservation Handbook: Research, Management and Policy. Blackwell Science, Malden, MA.
Describes research design and management approaches to conservation.

Gordon, M. S. and S. M. Bartol (eds.). 2004. Experimental Approaches to Conservation Biology. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.
Presents many case studies of conservation efforts.