Chapter 5 Suggested Readings

Nunes, P. A. L. D., J. C. J. M. van den Bergh, and P. Nijkamp. 2003. The Ecological Economics of Biodiversity: Methods and Policy Applications. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham UK.
An excellent introduction to ecological economics, particularly as applied to biodiversity concerns.

Daily, G. C. and K. Ellison. 2002. The New Economy of Nature: the quest to make conservation profitable. Island Press, Covelo, CA.
A good overview of some of the political issues surrounding conservation, economics and people.

Daly, H. E. and J. Farley. 2003. Ecological Economics: principles and applications. Island Press.
An important book by very well respected economists. Probably not a great start if you’re an absolute newcomer to economics, but a nice reference book for the more advanced reader.

Edwards-Jones, G., B. B. Davies, and S. Hussein. 2000. Ecological Economics: an Introduction. Blackwell Scientific, Oxford.
A book written specifically for those with a biological training to gain some deeper insights into the workings of economics.

Hanley, N. and C. J. Roberts. 2004. Issues in Environmental Economics. Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.
An edited volume with chapters on deforestation, carbon emissions, and valuation techniques. Not suitable for absolute beginners, but a good starting place for the more economically literate to gain an insight in to the application of economics to current problems.

Turner, R. K., D. Pearce, and I. Bateman. 1994. Environmental Economics: An Elementary Introduction. John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD.
An accessible text for those with very little background in economics.