Chapter 10 Suggested Readings

Lovejoy, T. E. and L. J. Hannah. 2005. Climate Change and Biodiversity. Yale University Press, New Haven, CT.

Hassol, S. J. 2004. Impacts of a Warming Arctic: Arctic Impact Assessment. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
A good reference on how climate change may affect the Arctic regions. The diagrams and illustrations are especially well done. This is a product of The Arctic Council, an international organization made up of high level representatives from the eight Arctic nations.

Schneider, S. H., A. Rosencranz, and J. O. Niles 2002. Climate Change Policy. Island Press, Washington, D.C.
A good introduction into how science can inform the policy debate.

van Kooten, G. C. 2004. Climate Change Economics: Why International Accords Fail. Edward Elgar Publishing.
This book argues that science and economics must be considered jointly to develop viable policies for climate accords.