Chapter 13 Web Links

Integrated Coastal Area Management

Global Web Service on Oceans, Coasts and Islands: Integrated Coastal Management

IUCN—Commission on Ecosystem Management

Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project
The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project is an example of how federal agencies plan and implement large scale ecosystem management.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

U.S. EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program Office
It is useful to compare this site with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation site above.

Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

Ecopath with Ecosim
Software for ecosystem analyses.

Ecosystem Management Initiative: School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan
An excellent example of how multidisciplinary ecosystem management can be integrated into academic programs.

The following are links to websites listed in Case Study 13.1 in the textbook, which is on ecosystem management. (Most are drawn from the University of Michigan site listed above.)

Henry's Fork Watershed Council

Owl Mountain Partnership

Coalition for Unified Recreation in the Eastern Sierra

Elkhorn Mountains Cooperative Management Area

Trout Creek Mountain Working Group