Chapter 15 Suggested Readings

Perrow, M. R. and A. J. Davy (eds.). 2002. Handbook of Ecological Restoration. Volumes 1 & 2. Principles of Restoration. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
This two volume work is the most comprehensive treatment of the field available. Volume 1 details the theory of restoration practice, while Volume 2 presents numerous case studies that illustrate the practical application of restoration theory.

Whisenant, S. G. 1999. Repairing Damaged Wildlands: A Process-oriented, Landscape-Scale Approach. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
This book’s emphasis on process and scale sets it apart. It provides a great deal of useful information for restoring badly damaged sites.

Jordan, W. R. III, M. E. Gilpin, and J. D. Aber (eds.). 1987. Restoration Ecology. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
One of the first works in the field.

Jordan, W. R. III. 2003. The Sunflower Forest. Ecological Restoration and the New Communion with Nature. University of California Press, Berkeley, CA.
A treatise strongly in favor of restoration as a means to cope with our extensive damage to biodiversity.

Cairns, J., Jr. (ed.). 1994. Rehabilitating Damaged Ecosystems, Second Edition. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.
The first edition provided the first true handbook of restoration, and the second builds on this foundation. The case studies provide insight into the real practice of restoration.

Morrison, M. L. 2002. Wildlife Restoration. Techniques for Habitat Analysis and Animal Monitoring. Island Press, Washington, D.C.
A helpful overview of techniques for monitoring animal populations and predicting how wildlife will respond to restoration efforts.

Edmondson, W. T. 1991. The Uses of Ecology: Lake Washington and beyond. University of Washington Press, Seattle.
Account of the restoration of Lake Washington by the ecologist who recognized the role of sewage in causing eutrophic conditions in the lake.

Gobster, P. H. and R. B. Hull (eds.). 2000. Restoring Nature. Perspectives from the Social Sciences and Humanities. Island Press, Washington, D.C.
Explores moral and social problems that arise in restoration in urban and wilder places.

Urbanska, K. M., N. R. Webb, and P. J. Edwards (eds.). 1997. Restoration Ecology and Sustainable Development. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Another edited volume on restoration, with particularly careful coverage of distinct ecosystem types, and some larger discussion of animal restoration.

Holt, W., D. E. Wildt, G. Cowlishaw, and R. Woodroffe (eds.). 2003. Reproductive Science and Integrated Conservation. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Good coverage of the details of rearing and release of endangered animals.

Two journals are devoted to this field:

Earth Partnership for Schools, University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, Ecological Restoration Journals

Restoration Ecology, Blackwell Publishing,